About Us


Minerva Olive Oil Company

Our company is engaged in organic farming by cultivating Memecik olives since 2015.

Minoliva Naturel brand is registered in the name of our company as an olive oil brand.

Our products, which contain all the purity of nature, are produced by cold pressing technique.

A large part of our products are exported and sold as wholesale to restaurants chains that want to use quality olive oil.

We do not have a retail store. However, for our customers who want to reach our products, our online store is at your service.


MinOliva Naturel 5000 ml.

Our products are extra virgin, cold pressed, natural, balanced and elegant.
Tasting Sensations: herbaceous and fruity.
It contains a high degree of polyphenol (anti-oxidant).
Botteled without filter.

Our Olive Groves

Our olive groves are located at the altitudes of between 600 and 900 meters at West Menteşe Mountains, in the boundaries of Cin Cin and Tığlılar villages of Aydın Province of Turkey . Organic farming is done in our olive groves.

Olive Trees

There are about 3500 grown up olive trees in our  groves. Memecik type olive tree constitutes 99% of the olive trees whose ages are estimated to be between 50 and 1500.

Olive Harvest

All of our olive groves are located on the slopes of the West Menteşe Mountains overlooking the Menderes Plain.The harvesting of fully organically grown olives at mountainous terrain is carried out using conventional manpower and traditional methods. Harvested olives are transported to olive oil factories in the crates and cold-pressed with continous system machine at the same day.

MinOliva Olive Oil

Memecik Olives and Olive Oil

The olive oil obtained from Memecik olives has a rich greenish / yellow color, hard / medium-dense fruity flavor, rich in testing sensation; accompanied by lemon, orange, almond, grass and laurel flavors. Intense antioxidant components induce a slight, non-sharp burning sensation. Memecik has a mild pain that does not tire the palate. Memecik olive is rich in α-tocopherol (Vitamin E) and phenols. Due to its anti-oxidant and nutritive properties, it is very valuable for human health.


Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil extracted from our organic olives is stored in our modern storage facility. Our stainless chrome tanks have been manufactured with nitrogen insert equipments for long term storage. In this way, we protect our olive oil without oxidizing for at least 2 years.


With our semi-automatic filling machine, the bottles/tin boxes between 250 ml. to 20 L. are able to fill.

For any inquiries please email: info@minoliva.com.tr